Supported Child Development

What is the Supported Child Development Program (SCD)?

SCD is a provincial program for children who need extra help in child care settings such as:

  • Preschools
  • Group childcare
  • Family childcare
  • School-age childcare

How does SCD support your child & family?

If your child is not yet enrolled in a preschool or childcare program, NONA can assist you in finding a setting. Once your child starts and the staff gets to know your child, we will meet with you and the staff to develop an individualized service plan. This plan is to help your child learn new skills and participate in all the activities.

We will observe your child and check on their progress. We offer strategies and are there to problem solve with the child care staff. Depending on the level of support your child requires, we may provide funding to your child’s setting to hire a support worker. This can help your child take part in the routines and activities throughout their day.

Our staff at NONA is also available to assist with kindergarten transition and help you with referrals to other community programs and supports.

The First Step

We work with children from birth to 12 years who need extra support to participate in their preschool, daycare or after school program. To be eligible for this program, a child must be attending preschool or a childcare program for a parent or guardian to make a referral.


Please complete our referral form if your child is under 12 and is attending a preschool or childcare program. Click Here to access the form.


Heather Todd
SCD Program Manager
250-549-1281 ext.206