We offer help to children from birth to kindergarten entry, who struggle with movement, or who have abnormal body position or shape. You’ve come to the right place if your child is or has:

  • Over the age of 6 months and isn’t rolling over.
    Over 9 months of age isn’t sitting on their own, moving around on the floor (e.g. army crawling), or standing when held by an adult.
  • Over the age of 12 months and isn’t crawling, pulling to stand, or standing while holding on to furniture.
  • Over 18 months of age and isn’t walking on their own or standing without support.
  • A physical abnormality (such as a flat spot on a babies head, flat feet, in or out-toeing, scoliosis, or other postural abnormalities.)Over the age of 4 months and is not holding head and shoulders up when on tummy.
  • A delay or disorder that can affect motor development (such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, or other developmental delays.)

NONA’s Physiotherapy program is staffed by fully qualified Physiotherapists (PTs). PTs in BC must have a either a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy, and be registered with the Provincial College (College of Physiotherapists of BC – CPTBC).

When we first meet you and your child, we will spend some time getting to know your child and family and determine what your concerns and goals are. We will then do an assessment of your child to determine their strengths and needs, and help develop a service plan for your child. Service plans are developed based upon your child’s needs and abilities and include strategies that will help your child meet their goals. There is a high level of demand for Physiotherapy so your child may be seen less frequently than you might expect.

Depending on your child’s needs, your schedule, and other programs involved, we can work with your child here at NONA,

in your home or in their child care setting. We also work together with other professionals and team members at NONA, and in the community. While at NONA your child may receive consultative services, individual or group intervention, periodic reviews and monitoring, or a combination of these services.