Key Worker

The Key Worker and Parent Support Program helps families of children and youth with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and similar neurodevelopmental conditions (birth to 19 years).

 Goals of the program:

  • To help families with children and youth stay together
  • To reduce the feelings of frustration for children and youth
  • To help families, professionals and service providers understand FASD and similar conditions
  • To help families and children build on strengths and successes
  • To offer families and children ongoing emotional and practical support

Services include:

  • Home visits to work with families and children
  • Education and information given to families
  • Workshops for families to attend
  • Support offered for parents and students at school & community meetings
  • Help for families with paper work and in understanding reports
  • Help for families to access an assessment
  • New strategies for families to help their children
  • Ideas presented to help children and youth
  • Connection to services and resources

Parent Support Group offers:

  • A chance to talk to other parents who understand
  • A chance to share ideas, information, challenges and successes
  • A chance to gain some education and a better understanding
  • A chance to learn practical strategies
  • A chance to feel supported, make friends and have some laughs

Community Services:

  • Information and resources available to the community
  • Consultation, training and workshops available to the community
  • Community meeting is facilitated

The Key Worker Program is available to all families with children/youth with FASD or similar conditions who have been diagnosed or are waiting for a diagnosis.

You can refer yourself to the FASD Key Worker Program and the Parent Support Program by contacting the FASD Key Worker directly at 250 549-1281 ext.215 or you can be referred by another NONA program or community agency.