Staff Values


Complementing the existing family resources, we honour each family’s
racial, cultural, socio-economic and personal uniqueness.


All children have the right to interact with their peers, to be involved in
activities that are developmentally appropriate and challenging, and to
engage in interactions that are nurturing and fun with their families in
their own community.

Family-Centered and Child-Focused

We recognize that the family is the constant in a child’s life and that they
know their child best. We individualize our services for each child and his
or her family based on their strengths and needs.


Working in partnership with families, with each other, and with other
external service providers, we take a team approach to intervention,
support and education. It is by working together that we can support
children and their families, and promote understanding and acceptance of
individuals with special needs in the community.


We strive for service excellence and continuous improvement through
ongoing learning and open communication with the families that we serve.