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Families are of primary importance in their child’s development.

Services are most effective when parents are actively involved with the planning and implementation of their child’s program. The family is the best source of information about the child’s abilities and needs and can be the child’s best, most committed long-term advocate.


Children and their families are entitled to be treated with respect and should have equal rights.

Services should complement the existing family resources, honouring each family’s “racial, cultural, socio-economic and personal uniqueness”. Families should have opportunities to build on their strengths and to extend their support network.


Teamwork best meets the child’s and family’s needs.

The team shall consist of the family and those professionals whose skills can best meet the child’s and family’s needs.


Information and service can best be provided through a collaborative team approach.

Families require complete and unbiased information in a supportive manner in order to make informed decisions about their child.


Intervention is best provided as soon as a need is identified.

All families should have access to appropriate services as soon as a problem or concern is identified. Effective early intervention can reduce the need for long-term support services for the child and family. Services should be integrated across environments and provide support to families through transitions. This increases the child’s chance for success in all environments and lays the foundation for lifelong competency.


Every child should have equal access to full community participation.

Children with special needs are valuable assets to their families and to their communities. They are entitled to the same opportunities as typically developing children: the opportunity to interact with their peers, to be involved in activities that are developmentally appropriate and challenging, and to engage in interactions that are nurturing and fun.


Every child has the potential for growth.

It is essential that children with special needs access individualized programs and services in order to enhance learning and maximize growth.

We believe in developing working partnerships with other community service providers. It is by working together that we can support children and their families, and promote understanding and acceptance of individuals with special needs in the community.

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Our Mission:

To strengthen the abilities of children with special needs and to enhance opportunities for them to participate in their community.