A survey team from CARF (Commission on Rehabilitation Facilities) visited our premises on November 2 and 3, 2017.  This was our 5th successful 3-year accreditation survey.

NONA Child Development Centre is accredited for the following services:


Early Intervention Services

Early Intervention Services (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Children and Adolescent Services

Children and Adolescent Services (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Behaviour Consultation Services


To obtain accreditation, NONA invites the CARF surveyors to evaluate how well our services meet international standards for quality. The survey team looks at many things about us and our services. The survey tells us what we are doing well and ways we might improve.

The surveyors interview people who use our services, their families, our staff, and others. Some questions the survey team members might ask people are:

  • Are our services provided in a clean and safe setting?
  • Do you receive the services you need and want for your child?
  • Are you treated with respect?
  • Do you take part in planning your child’s services?
  • Are you told what you need to know about your child’s services?
  • Are your questions answered in a way you understand?
  • Do you know where to go with questions or concerns?

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Our Mission:

To strengthen the abilities of children with special needs and to enhance opportunities for them to participate in their community.