Getting to know NONA

We are the centre for child development services in the North Okanagan and offer a range of programs and services to families and caregivers of children with a wide variety of developmental challenges. We provide services in the home, community and at our Centre.

Our operations are funded by the provincial government to provide services.



All people will be recognized as valued and contributing members of their community.



To strengthen the abilities of children with special needs and to enhance opportunities for them to participate in their community Our name, NONA is an acronym for the North Okanagan Neurological Association (NONA) which began as a branch of the Okanagan Neurological Association in 1966.  We are a registered charity that is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors.


NONA’s professional staff provide specialized services for children and youth.  We work in partnership with families focusing on their needs and respecting their personal uniqueness.  Our family-centered plans and activities are designed to be developmentally appropriate, and to nurture interactions and fun in their families and in their communities.

Working individually and in small groups, NONA’s 35 employees provide developmental programs for more than 700 children and youth with special needs in the past year.  The dedication of all NONA staff and volunteers makes a profound difference in the daily lives of these children and their future.

In delivering service, all staff abide by NONA Code of Ethics.


NONA is accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

To learn more, visit our Accreditation page. To read more about NONA follow these links to visit our History page. Click here for employment opportunities.