Family Support Program

What is the Family Support Program?

The family support program provides services to families with children (aged 0-7) who have or at risk for developmental delays. The family support program can provide information and establish connections to services that are available in the community.

How does the Family Support Program help your family?

The overall goal of this program is to help families gain skills, resources and to build their support network in the community.

The family support program can:

  • Provide information about programs and resources in the community
  • Help you understand benefits and funding sources that are available
  • Connect you to other community programs/resources
  • Work through basic parenting strategies with you
  • Support you in advocating for your child’s needs
  • Facilitate parent support groups
  • Connect your other children through Sibshops


If you are interested in the Family Support Program, please complete our referral form. Click here to access the form. Other NONA programs, doctors, community health nurses, and other professionals can also make referrals to this program. The Family Support Program is voluntary and free of charge.



Angie Poole
Family Support Program Supervisor
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Our Mission:

To strengthen the abilities of children with special needs and to enhance opportunities for them to participate in their community.